Results from the Canada CupSeptember 5 2007
Results from the Canada Cup
This is your source for the Official Results from the Canada Cup, North American Championship Series and the Canadian National Freestyle Championships 2007. Local boy and Nick Troutman takes home the gold. Check out the full results here.

Main - 2007 World Championships on the Ottawa River at Wilderness Tours

Canada’s Ottawa River was home to the best freestyle paddlers in the world. With the tremendous help of both Hydro-Quebec and Ontario Power Generation this was the biggest wave freestyle championships in the history of the World’s.

You host was Wilderness Tours Adventure Resort and the Ottawa Kayak School. They were committed to making this the best World Freestyle Kayak Championships ever!


And WT is incredible as well. A huge retreat here on the banks of the Ottawa with everything you need for having fun but still getting work done and being well taken care of.

I am getting spoiled here with good food, accommodations, and friends. But today is the best part as I get to paddle the legendary Ottawa river for the first time.

I mean everything about this event was EPIC.

I have been to events on both coasts of the U.S and in the Rockies and I cannot speak for the European festivals but I can honestly say this event was well planed, executed and set a new standard for what is possible. I’m sure there were a few issues but as I see it, and I was knee deep there, the guys that put it on hit it over the fence and should be very proud of a job well done.

The staff here at WT has been incredible. They have really thought of everything and have been awesome hosts. I dig this place and the people working here.

I’ve been to every Worlds but Australia and judged at most of them, so it’s funny to me that this Worlds - which was one of the most organized, best run, and least controversial of the one’s I’ve been to - has been the subject of so much talk.

"What a show! Can’t believe all those people from all those places got to surf Bus Eater and party together all week long. Incredibly bonding experience and we’ve all made new friends while re-connecting with old ones.

Congrats to the winners, competitors, to all those who attended, and especially to all who worked for and organized this most amazing freestyle event!

The whole event was top notch and will be tough to beat. It was as good as it gets.

The closing ceremony was alive with energy bouncing off the walls. Hundreds of athletes and spectators expelled their gratitude and celebrations in screams, whistles and singing all evening.

Truly a successful Championships, bringing nations together and showing the globe quite how impressive freestyle kayaking really is!
Check out the photos and well done to team GBR.

Ottawa River, Beachburg, Canada. Two weeks of training, chilling, competing and of course.. Partying! The days leading up to the comp we were yet to see a glimpse of the infamous "Bus eater" wave. This meant only one day for training. Sure enough, as promised the levels rose by 6 foot and all nations legged it to the river to sus out the beast of Bussy. Monday unfolded the squirt championships as they threw down their sparkling boats in Smoothie at the top of Mckoy’s rapid. Some impressive downtime was achieved and 4 out of the 6 medals were rightfully hung up to Great Britain!!

The closing ceremony was an amazing display with bagpipes and everyone cheering. The whole thing was put together beautifully.

One of the best things about the Ottawa River and the World’s is all the nice people, great memories and good friends. Despite the difficulty of travel, and the money that you spend, it is well worth your time to spend some time on the Ottawa.

…they were able to pull off the Freestyle World Championships on the best feature to date. All in all… I’d call it a huge success.

Clay has been to all but the Aus. Worlds and if you go back a few threads you’ll see he called this the best run and fairest one yet.

In the panoramic distance the mighty Ottawa split around 2 more islands and disappeared in an utterly breathtaking diorama like manifestation of beauty. This was a confluence of sport and nature of an extraordinary type. Everyone seemed moved by a common recognition of just how special this moment was.

the greatest whitewater comp I’ve ever attended.

Bussy came in late…The biggest feature

Worlds has ever been held on may not have showed at all this year but for great planning and coordination by the organizers. Water was released from an upstream dam (2 days upstream) for a comp on the Ottawa River for the first time. It took 75,000 cfs to bring this monster in. It was worth it.

My impressions of the first day: We were watching a seminal event in the
history of the sport.

The atmosphere was electric. People were constantly turning to each other and saying "Can you believe this is happening?!" The spot was sensational. We were maybe 50’ above the river and looking 200’ across at the feature. The sky was a deep Canadian blue with the occasional fair weather cloud. It was warm enough so that we were happy to have a canopy in the heat of the day. The temporary judge’s stand was
directly across from us on the river left island. WT had left a white pine
growing through it when they built it. The Canadian flag and the ICF flag
flew above it in moderate breezes. The island was covered with several
hundred people. It looked like a human rookery. The feature was a good 10’ plus tall. At times it was so steep, on a big green out, I would say it approached dead vertical.

WT forced Buseater to run while the world’s best boaters were all eagerly waiting for their shot. How can anyone who got Bussy on demand for a Worlds event find much to complain about? It was magic watching the water rise like that and the feature transform itself. . . magic.

appreciate the fact that they all got to ride one of the worlds biggest waves on a year when it might not have run at all on it’s own.

Lots of logistics went into the event.

Absolutely perfect!

A special THANKS to all of the other volunteers and competitors, and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all the people at Wilderness Tours for hosting this historic Freestyle World Championships!!! All great people who have done an exceptional job with the cards they were dealt:)

This is the third time I’ve covered a World Championship. But this one on Canada’s Ottawa River is, without a doubt, the best venue, the best organization and the event filled with the most contrast.

The Ottawa River rules. I’d heard so much about it but was actually able to get to know it this year. Awesome play! I mean it’s everywhere. Plus there’s nothing like running big water in a play boat.

Wilderness Tours rules too. Classy company, incredible facilities, great food, better bar. Joe Kowalski and Matt McGuire, thanks for getting the water from Ontario Power Generation so we could see this. We’ll be talking about this Worlds for decades.

I have to agree with Paddlinglife’s report regarding this fabulous event. Everything was fabulous. A great event to watch.

Best world’s location ever!

What an incredible event! This will be the world’s to end all world’s--I still can’t believe that WT got Bus Eater in the middle of a 50 year low-water year! Kudo’s to Sharky and Joe K for sure!

Great atmosphere here on the Ottawa, the competitors are super happy and stoked, and lots of people are going OFF! Great step up for freestyle kayaking!

â€"The athletes have been asking for a world championships to be held on Buseater for years,” says Eric Jackson. â€"And we finally got it.”

â€"Now that it’s happening, it’s completely surreal.”
Dagger’s Rush Sturges never uttered more poignant words. He was sitting in the eddy with other competitors at the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships on the Ottawa River Tuesday, training for the event which starts today. Many feared that the mammoth feature wouldn’t come in, thus relegating another World Championship to dud status. But Joe Kowalski and Matt McGuire of Wilderness Tours, the event’s host, saved the day and convinced Ontario Power Generation to release an extra 7,000 cfs, bump

ing the level on the Ottawa River to the required 40,500 cfs. And yes, you read that right. That ungodly amount of water is more than flows through the Grand Canyon during normal summer flows.

Wilderness Tours has gone all out, building a permanent press box on a precipice high above the wave along with grand stands on the opposite side of the river.

Wilderness Tours pioneered whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Ottawa River in 1975. In 3 quick decades Wilderness Tours has become Canada’s premier adventure company and the Ottawa River has become Canada’s most popular destination for freestyle kayaking. Wilderness Tours has everything kayakers need to enjoy the magic of the Ottawa River.

The 2007 World Freestyle Kayaking Championships has never had a better home that Canada’s #1 Adventure Resort. If you’d like more information on this kayaking wonderland check out Wilderness Tours’ website, by clicking here


A hole lota Giver!
Finals today showcased some of the premier kayakers on the face of the planet and they all had their eyes on the prize!
Were talking the Big Time!

Men’s Results from today, May 3rd. Check out the full results here


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